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ZOKUE Carom Billiard Cue Korean 3 Cushion Cue 142 cm

ZOKUE Carom Billiard Cue Korean 3 Cushion Cue 142 cm

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ZOKUE Carom Stick Professional Carom Billiard Cue Korean 3 Cushion Cue Carom Cue Taper 12mm Tip 142 cm Libre Cue with Case


1.Using the selected Canadian maple wood, with the most advanced sanding process,after many professional processes to make this shaft. it belongs to Carom players' exclusive shaft.

2.The SKY-FAY pigskin tip is specially designed for Carom players, the multilayer pigskin is pressed to give you the perfect ball catching effect.

3.Design the best joint part for carom,cooperate with wood and stainless steel,to improve the strength transmission feeling.

4.After several experiments, we chose the SKY-FAY ferrule which is most suitable for the Carom billiard. It is stable and powerful,helping you to be confident when participating in various competitions.

5.After consulting a large number of professional carom billiard players, the extremely professional carom cue taper was designed.

6.The classic rear handle designed by a well-known designer will give you the most dazzling feeling in the billiard club. With this billiards cue, you are the superstar in the billiard room, the winning general on the battlefield.

7.We will send the professional weight system as gift.0.5oz + 1oz + 1.5oz + 2oz + 2.5oz weight screws are included with the billiard cue. You can freely adjust the weight of the cue and choose your own weight to achive the most intimate hitting experience. Professional = Caring.

8.The cue can add many kinds of extensions, if you want, you can buy the favourite design in our store.

9.Professional carom taper can effectively control the cue ball and let the billiards move as you want.


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